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Medication-Assisted Treatment

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You may have heard of medication-assisted treatment but may not be aware of its potential benefits. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a comprehensive approach to treating opioid abuse and dependence that combines medication with counseling, behavioral therapies, and other support services. MAT offers clinical and behavioral interventions tailored to each patient’s needs. This approach has been proven effective in helping people overcome their opioid use disorder and achieve long-term recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) may be an effective option for treatment. MAT combines medication and counseling to provide a comprehensive approach to treating substance use disorder. The Canyon offers medication-assisted treatment in Los Angeles to help people on the road to recovery. To learn more about our MAT program for addiction treatment, reach out today at 424.465.5182

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

MAT involves a combination of medications and counseling to treat addiction. It has been proven to be one of the most successful treatments for opioid addiction as well as alcohol and other drug addiction. In addition, MAT can also help reduce cravings, lower rates of relapse, and increase engagement in therapy sessions as well as other support services. 

People with the following situations can benefit from medication-assisted treatment:

  • Have a history of failure with prior addiction treatments
  • Are struggling to adhere to abstinence-based treatment plans
  • Need support managing withdrawal symptoms
  • Experience frequent relapses or cravings after completing treatment
  • Require more intensive medication management and counseling than traditional therapies offer. 

At The Canyon, our MAT program provides individualized care to ensure that each person’s treatment goals are met. Our team will work with you to develop a plan of care tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We use evidence-based approaches, such as psychotherapy and medication therapy, to help individuals on their journey of recovery. With the support of our experienced staff, individuals can learn the skills and strategies needed to maintain sobriety.

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The Benefits of MAT Programs

There are numerous benefits associated with medication-assisted treatment programs such as those offered by The Canyon, including:

  • Increased chances of long-term recovery from substance use disorder
  • Improved overall health through medical monitoring, education, and support services
  • Reduced risk of overdose deaths due to the individual’s use of prescribed medications that are monitored closely by their doctor
  • Access to professional counseling services and support groups for additional guidance during the recovery

In addition, many MAT programs feature integrated services that focus on both mental health issues and medical concerns that often accompany substance use disorders. This can include individualized treatment plans tailored specifically for each person’s needs, which can range from cognitive behavioral therapy to family therapy sessions or even 12-step programs. Many MAT programs also provide medication management through their own prescribing physician or psychiatrist who specializes in addiction medicine so patients have access to the right medications in order to achieve successful outcomes. 

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Discover Healing at The Canyon's MAT Program for Addiction Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective way to treat opioid addiction, as well as the misuse of alcohol and other substances. The Canyon Outpatient offers MAT programs designed specifically for individuals seeking help with substance use disorder issues. Through combining medication with counseling and other support services such as individualized treatment plans, cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, 12-step programs, and more, clients have access to a comprehensive package that helps them recover successfully from their addictions for good. With quality care provided by experienced professionals throughout the entire process, you can trust The Canyon when seeking quality medication-assisted treatment options that work. Contact our caring staff at 424.465.5182 today to learn more about our MAT program and get started on the path to recovery.