Family Support Group

We know how much your family means to you, and we want them to be a part of your journey to recovery, too.

At The Canyon Santa Monica, we provide support group meetings that include family members in the recovery process. Educating your family on addiction is key, as is educating you on the impact alcohol or drug addiction may have on them.

Your Family is Impacted by Your Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Struggling with addiction or substance use disorders is tough, but your family is going through a lot too.

Families affected by alcoholism or drug abuse and addiction can feel disconnected, broken and lost. The reasons behind substance use can be confusing, and the recovery process can be hard to understand. Including them in your recovery can shine a light on your potential, while also allowing them time to process the way they feel.

Additionally, your actions could have impacted them in many ways that cause them to have strong feelings towards you that need to be worked through with professionals.

Who you are when addicted is not who you are. We can help get your life back on track, and our family support group will help get them involved in the process.

How Can Group Therapies Help a Family?

Group therapies can be extremely beneficial in the journey to recovery, as a support group at an IOP treatment center can let families know that they are not alone and that others have gone through what they are going through.

Family support groups take this and amplify it to help better understand you, as well as providing them (and you) with the education, skills and tools necessary to prepare everyone for your life in recovery. Your family should be a part of your recovery journey, because they will be a part of your life journey.

Why Choose Family Support Groups?

Addiction is called a “family disease” for good reason. Finding a healthy way to support your family begins with getting help and support for yourself.

At our Family Support Group you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other family with loved ones in treatment; learn about addiction, treatment, and recovery; and how you can best support your loved one through their recovery.

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