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What Is Delta 8?

Man looks out window and wonders, "what is Delta 8?"

You may be wondering what Delta 8 is if you are familiar with marijuana. Delta 8 is a compound that comes from the hemp plant, which is a type of cannabis plant. It’s known for its psychoactive properties and has been gaining popularity in recent years. While different forms of marijuana are often considered harmless, there is still a lot of potential for dependency and misuse. Call The Canyon today at 424.465.5182 to learn about our substance abuse treatment if you are concerned about Delta 8 use.

What Is Delta 8?

What is Delta 8? Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as Delta 8, is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It’s an isomer of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for the high that marijuana is known for. While Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are chemically similar, Delta 8 is often reported to have a milder effect. Delta 8 has been gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional marijuana because it offers similar effects but with less potency. This means that users can experience a milder high, making it more suitable for those who are looking for a more subtle experience. Additionally, Delta 8 is legal in most states due to its origin from the hemp plant.

Is Delta 8 Dangerous?

The effects of Delta 8 are still being studied, but like all substances, it can be dangerous if misused. Some users report experiencing paranoia, anxiety, and adverse physical effects such as rapid heart rate. Delta 8 can also impair motor skills and reaction time, making activities like driving potentially hazardous.

Furthermore, the lack of regulation in the Delta 8 market raises concerns about product quality and safety. Some products may not be accurately labeled or may contain contaminants harmful to health.

Where Do People Buy Delta 8?

Delta 8 products can be purchased in states where cannabis is legal, typically in dispensaries. However, they are also available online and in some vape shops or health stores in states where Delta 9 THC is illegal, due to a loophole in the law regarding hemp-derived products. This availability can contribute to misuse, especially among those who may not fully understand the effects and risks of Delta 8.

How Dependence Starts

As with any substance, dependence on Delta 8 can start innocently. Users may begin by trying it out of curiosity or as an alternative to traditional marijuana. However, regular use can lead to tolerance, requiring higher doses to achieve the desired effects. This increased usage can then escalate into dependence and potential addiction.

Signs You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

Recognizing the signs that you or a loved one may need substance abuse treatment is crucial. These could include:

  • Using Delta 8 in larger amounts or over a longer period than intended
  • A persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control use
  • Spending significant time obtaining, using, or recovering from Delta 8
  • Neglecting responsibilities and obligations due to Delta 8 use
  • Continuing to use despite experiencing negative consequences

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these signs, reach out for professional help. Substance abuse treatment can provide the support and resources needed to overcome addiction and improve overall well-being.

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Marijuana in any form, including Delta 8, can lead to dependence and addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, The Canyon can help. Our evidence-based treatment programs aim to address the underlying causes of addiction and provide personalized care for each individual’s unique needs. Call us today at 424.465.5182 or reach out online to learn more about our comprehensive substance abuse treatment options. Let us guide you on the path toward lasting success.